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KOSEF 200 (Ticker: 069660)

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KOSEF 200   ETF pursues KOSPI200 Index  as a representative of Korea stock market.


  1. Replication of KOSPI200 Index
    It holds approximately 160 to 180 stocks consisted of KOSPI200 index as a mean of minimizing tracking error.
  2. Minimization of board lot
    Board lot is 1 share, around KRW25,000 per share (around US$23).
  3. Comparison with other replication methods for KOSPI200 Index
Comparison with other replication methods for KOSPI200 Index
Underlying Asset Method Remark
In-kind equity Completion of in-kind equity portfolio
  • * Vast investment unit for tracking index : roughly 1 billion Won
  • * Inconvenience in trading
  • * transaction fee
Futures Futures (100% exposure to KOSPI200)
+ liquid Asset (for remainder of cash)
  • * Roll-over is required when it comes to maturity
  • * Speculation, arbitrage and hedge are the main applications of it.
Index Fund Investment in Index fund
  • * Real-time trading is impossible
ETF Investment in KOSEF200 ETF
  • * It embraces small investor
  • * Real-time trading is available


KOSEF 200 Specification
Product KOSEF 200
Benchmark Index KOSPI200
Bloomberg Ticker 069660 KS
Board Lot 1 share
Tick Size 5 won
Creation Unit 50,000 Share
Fees Total Fee 0.13%
(AP 0.01%, Management 0.09%, Trustee 0.01%, General Administrator 0.02%)
Dividend Basic Date the last business day of January, April, July and October and the end date
of the accounting period (if the end date don't same with the business day,
this day is business day before the end date)
Inception Date 11-Oct-02

Top Holdings

KOSEF 200 Top Holdings
Name Ticker Ratio(%)

※ Holdings are subject to change.(2021.10.21)


Bench-mark Index

KOSEF 200 Bench-mark Index
Index Provider KRX
Calculation period It has been calculated and published since June 15, 1994 with a base index of 100 set to January 3, 1990.
Regular Realignment Once a year(During the trading day after the KOSPI200 Futures market`s last trading day in June)
Index Selection KOSPI200 consists of 200 stocks selected among all stocks of KRX-stock market.
In selecting 200 stocks, 70% of the stocks are selected from the non-manufacturing industry and 30% of the stock are selected from the manufacturing industry by average market capitalization.


  • The beneficiaries should undertake all the profit/loss of the fund caused by the result of investment.
  • The financial investment instruments is not protective by KDIC(Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation) and can be resulted in loss of principle that belongs
    to investor.
  • Past performance is not indicative of future results.
  • Fluctuation in exchange rates may have a positive or negative effect on the value of foreign-currency denominated securities and financial instruments
  • Derivatives are highly volatile and can result in the partial or entire loss of principle in a short investment period.
  • Please read carefully the prospectus or the other offering documents regarding to investment objective, redemption method and fund expenses before making
    decision to invest.
  • This website is made in the Korean language, and if there shall arise any conflict between the Korean version and any translation thereof,
    including this English translation, the Korean version shall prevail.
  • The index and return information on this website is only for reference. The information may be in error or be delayed. Kiwoom Asset Management is not legally responsible for the investment results by the information provided on this website
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