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User information Protection policy

User information Protection policy>HOME

The personal information protection policy is intended to guarantee the protection of privacy of internet users accessing to the website of Woori Asset Management Company, as well as their freedom and secrecy of the communication, and to prevent infringement of human rights by illegal tampering or leakage of information.

The personal information protection policy for Woori Asset Management Company is subject to change, in accordance with amendment of government regulations or guidelines, or modification of Woori Asset Management’s policies. Please check for any changes frequently upon visit to the website of Woori Asset Management.

  1. 1. General provisions

    1. ① Personal information refer to information on a living individual, with which personal identity may be recognized through name or resident registration number contained therein (including information with which personal identity may be recognized when combined with other information, even if the personal identity cannot be recognized with such information alone).
    2. ② Woori Asset Management places high priority on protection of personal information of users of Woori Asset Management, and complies with provisions of ‘Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network and Protection of Information” pertaining to protection of personal information, and “Guidelines for Protection of Personal Information” established by Ministry of Information and Communication.
  2. 2. Scope of compilation of the personal information

    Users who intend to use product information service and personalization services provided by Woori Asset Management by creating an account at Woori Asset Management Company shall enter the following information. However, use of contents will not be restricted even if you do not create an account.

    1. ① Scope of personal information compiled upon creation of account : Name, resident registration number, e-mail address, and password for account at Woori Asset Management.
  3. 3. Consent to compilation of personal information

    Woori Asset Management has established procedure for clicking “I agree” or “I don’t agree” buttons with respect to Company’s policy for protection of the personal information or user agreement. If you click “I agree” button, it will be deemed as having agreed to compilation of the personal information.

  4. 4. Purpose of compiling and using the personal information

    1. ① Woori Asset Management compiles the personal information for following purposes:
      - Name, password, e-mail address and resident registration number : To use for identification of the user for use of the service
      - Other optional information : Data intended to provide service tailored to individual user’s needs.
  5. 5. Compilation of personal information through cookies

    1. ① What is cookie?
      Woori Asset Management uses cookies, which are used to save and frequently locate the user information. Cookie refers to general, small-sized information that the website transmits to the browser (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer) of user’s computer. If a user accesses the website, the computer at Woori Asset Management reads the contents of cookies contained in user’s browser, locate additional information on the user from the user’s computer, enabling the basic personalized services without additional inputting of the information. Although with cookies the user’s computer can be identified, but the user is not personally identified. Furthermore, the user has an option with respect to the cookies. A user may accept all cookies at the tool on top of the web browser> internet option tab, or choose to have the web browser notify him/her when a cookie is installed, or even to reject all cookies. However, in case where the user refuses to saving of cookies, he cannot use some services provided using cookies.
    2. ② Operation of cookies: Woori Asset Management uses cookies for convenience of the users. The information compiled by Woori Asset Management through cookies is limited to email that identifies the account of the user, and the other information is not compiled. The e-mail information compiled by the Company through cookies is used for following purposes:
      - To provide differentiated information depending on area of user’s interest
  6. 6. Use of information for other purpose, provision to or sharing with a third party

    1. ① Woori Asset Management does not use the personal information of the user for purpose other than provision of internet services it provides, or provide it to a third party without consent of the user, except for the information disclosed through the display of the internet service. However, exception applies to each of the following cases:
      - When there is a special provision for other wise in Act of Real-Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Confidentiality, Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information, Basic Act of Electrical Communication, Act on Electrical Communication Business, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Act, Act on Bank of Korea, and Criminal Litigation Act.
      - When necessary for settlement of fees for services provided
      - When necessary for preparation of statistics, academic research and market research, to the extent that the information is provided in a way that particular individual cannot be identified.
    2. ② In order to provide better service to the users, Woori Asset Management may provide personal information to its partner or share it with the partner. In case of providing or sharing the personal information, the company is required to notify to the relevant user who is the partner, what personal information will be provided or shared, why such information is to be provided or shared, until when and how such information will be protected and managed, and obtain the consent from the user. Unless the user agrees, the company will not provide or share such information to/with its partner. Furthermore, even if a user has consented to provision of personal information, he/she can revoke such consent at any time.
  7. 7. Inspection or modification of personal information

    1. ① Users can inspect his/her registered personal information or modify it at any time. A user intending to inspect or modify his personal information may click ‘My fund’ to inspect or modify the information by him/her self, or contact personnel in charge of management of the personal information via letter, phone or email.
    2. ② In case where a user has requested for correction of errors with respect to personal information, the company will not use or provide such information until correction is completed.
    3. ③ In case where the company has already provided wrong personal information to a third party, it will immediately notify such party to correct it.
  8. 8. Revocation of consent to compilation, use or provision of the personal information

    1. ① User who has consented to compilation, use or provision of personal information via subscription to membership can revoke such consent at any time. For revocation of the consent, user may click ‘My fund’ at initial page of the website, or contact personnel in charge of management of personal information via letter, phone or email. Upon user’s request, we will take necessary actions such as deletion of the personal information as soon as possible. In case where the company has taken action such as deletion of personal information upon user’s revocation of the consent, we will immediately notify it to the user.
    2. ② Woori Asset Management will take necessary measures to make the procedure for revocation of consent to compilation of the personal information (i.e. deletion of account) than that for compilation of the personal information.
  9. 9. Period for preservation or use of the personal information

    1. ① User’s personal information will be destroyed when the objective of compilation or receipt of the personal information is achieved, as described below. However, exception will apply when preservation of such information is required by regulations, such as Commercial Act. - As to account information, in case where account is deleted or cancelled, if the user requests for inspection of the information on transactions in possession of the company with consent of the user, Woori Asset Management will immediately take necessary measure to ensure that the user can inspect such information.
  10. 10. Rights and obligations of user

    1. ① User shall input the latest personal information precisely in order to avoid unexpected incident. The liability for any accident arising out of imprecise information inputted by the user shall lie with the user, and in case where a user has inputted false information or other person’s information fraudulently, his/her membership may be cancelled.
    2. ② The user shall have right to have his/her personal information protected, as well as obligation to protect him/herself and not to infringe with personal information of other individuals. Please take caution to avoid leakage of your personal information including password, and not to damage personal information of other parties, including those posted in the board. In the event that a user fails to comply with aforementioned obligation and damage the information or integrity of other person, he may be punished under “Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network and Protection of Information.”
  11. 11. Obligation of notification

    Current policy for protection of the personal information was established on Feb. 1, 2003, and in case where addition, deletion or amendment of the policies is required in accordance with amendment of the government policy or changes in security technologies, the company will make notice at least 10 days prior to such modification through ‘Notice’ section in the website. Security measures for protection of user’s personal information

    1. Technological and administrative measures for protection of personal information

    1. ① Technological measures

      In dealing with users’ personal information, Woori Asset Management is implementing the following technological measures to ensure safety and to prevent loss, theft, leakage, modification or damage of the personal information:

      - User’s personal information is protected with password, and file and transmitted data are codified, thus cannot be accessed by other users or manager.
      - Woori Asset Management is making efforts to prevent damage from computer virus, using vaccine programs. The vaccine programs are updated on regular basis.
      - In defense against intrusion from outside, such as hacking, the Company stores all information provided by the user in another server computer completely separated from the internet, establishing 100% security system fundamentally blocking the hacking threats. Furthermore, the company makes full efforts for security using Chinese wall and weakness analysis system in each server.

    2. ② Administrative measures
      • Woori Asset Management limits authority to access user’s personal information to minimal number of personnel. The personnel authorized to access such information are as follow:
        * Personnel who perform marketing activities directly targeted at the user.
        * Personnel in charge of management of the personal information and personnel engaging in operations related to management of the personal information.
        * Other personnel required to deal with personal information due to his job function.
      • - The company provides regular internal and outside education/training programs related to acquisition of new security technologies and obligations of protecting the personal information, to personnel dealing with the personal information.
      • - The company prevents leakage of information by person by enforcing pledge of security, and prepares internal process to audit personnel’s compliance with company’s policies for protection of the personal information.
      • - The succession of duties of personnel dealing with personal information is conducted seamlessly while security is maintained, and responsibilities for accident related to personal information after appointment and retirement have been clearly defined.
      • - The Company has designated server rooms as special quarantine area, controlling entrance or exit.
      • - Woori Asset Management will not bear any liabilities for incidents arising out of user’s personal mistakes or basic risks inherent in the internet. Users shall properly manage his own e-mail and password for protection of his/her personal information, and assume responsibilities thereof.
      • - In the event that personal information is lost, leaked, modified or damaged due to mistakes of internal manager or in the process of technological management, Woori Asset Management will immediately notify it to the user and seek for proper measures including compensation.

      Contacts for inquiry in relation to protection of user’s personal information

      1. User feedbacks or complaints

      • ① We highly value opinions of the users, and users are entitled to faithful answers to the questions.
      • ② In order to ensure active communication with users, the Company is operating customer center.
        The contacts for the customer center are as follow:

        【Customer center 】

        - Tel : 02-789-0300

        - Fax : 02-789-0456

        - Address: 9th Floor, Finance Tower 23-8 Yeoido-dong, Yungdeungpo-gu, Seoul

      • ③ Consulting via telephone is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, weekdays .(excluding lunch hour, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM)
      • ④ For questionnaire received through e-mail, fax or mail, we will faithfully provide answers within 24 hours after receipt. However, any questionnaire received after work hours, or during weekend or holiday will be served next day in principle.
      • ⑤ For other consulting services with respect to personal information, you may contact Center for Reporting of Infringement of Personal Information, Information Protection Mark Certification Committee, Internet Crime Center at Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, and Cyber Crime Investigation Team at Police Agency.

      Personnel in charge of management of users’ personal information

      1. Best efforts to ensure protection of users’ personal information

      • ① In the event that any accident arises in breach of notices made to the users in protecting the personal information, personnel in charge of management of the personal information will assume full responsibility.
      • ② The personnel in charge of management of the personal information shall not be held liable for damage of information arising unexpectedly due to basic and general risk inherent in the network (e.g. hacking) despite technological supplementary measures in place, or any disputes arising out of posts made by visitors.
      • ③ Personnel dealing with personal information of users are as provided below, who will provide answers to any questions relating to the personal information promptly and faithfully.

      - Supervisor for management of personal information

      * Name : Ha Yeon Kim

      * Title : Head of Team

      * E-mail : hayeon.kim@wooriam.com

      * Tel : 02-789-0541

      - Person in charge of management of personal information

      * Name: Son Hyun Jin

      * Department: Marketing Strategy Team, Marketing Head Office

      * Title: Officer

      * E-mail: hyunjin.son@wooriam.com

      * Title : 02-789-0381